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Welcome to Super English ESL, where teaching excellence meets the best ESL learning strategies. Our ready-made ESL lesson plans save teachers a tremendous amount of prep time and provide students with a seamless learning experience. Our curriculum is designed to take students from very beginner (pre-CEFR) to advanced (CEFR C1) across six levels.

Features of Our ESL Curriculum:

  • Ready-Made Lessons: Save time with our plug-and-play ESL lessons, perfect for online ESL teachers.
  • Preview and Homework: Each lesson includes a preview and homework that teachers can send to students.
  • Assessments and Score Sheets: Each unit has an assessment with a score sheet that teachers can fill out and send to parents.
  • Levels 1-6: Our curriculum guides students from very beginner to advanced, covering pre-CEFR to CEFR C1 levels.

For teachers aiming for results and students aspiring for fluency, Super English ESL is the key. Explore, engage, and excel in the world of ESL with us. Ready to transform your teaching journey? Dive in and experience the Super English ESL difference with our 7-day free trial.

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Our lessons

Level 1

“Foundational English”

In our Beginner ESL course (Level 1), novices with no previous English knowledge will set off on an exciting journey to master basic vocabulary and grammar rules. These ESL lesson plans involve engaging and age-appropriate activities, ensuring children establish a firm language foundation.

Pre-CEFR A1 ESL curriculum

Level 2

“Expanding Basic Skills with ESL”

Upon successful completion of our beginner ESL lesson plans, pupils advancing to Level 2 will broaden their English competencies. They will learn beginner ESL phonics, enrich their vocabulary, and delve into basic grammar through our online ESL curriculum. 

Pre-CEFR A1 ESL Curriculum

Level 3

“Elementary English Mastery”

In our ESL Level 3, students elevate their English proficiency. They will learn additional vocabulary, master the art of speaking in full sentences, and understand elementary grammar concepts through our comprehensive ESL curriculum. Our structured ESL lessons empower students to communicate effectively in English.

CEFR A1 ESL Curriculum

Level 4

“Pre-Intermediate Language Exploration”

As pre-intermediate ESL learners in Level 4, students will immerse themselves in stories, broaden their vocabulary, and delve deeper into grammar concepts through our online ESL lesson plans. A diversified range of reading materials promote the development of well-rounded English language skills.

CEFR A1-A2 ESL Curriculum

Level 5

“Intermediate Vocabulary and Grammar”

In our Intermediate ESL Level 5, students grapple with more advanced vocabulary and grammar, thus boosting their English language prowess. Through interactive ESL tutorials and targeted lesson plans, students will refine their communication skills and gain confidence in diverse situations.

CEFR A2-B1 ESL Curriculum

Level 6

“Refining English Proficiency”

In Level 6 of our advanced ESL curriculum, students will focus on honing their English abilities to achieve a CEFR B1-B2 level of proficiency. This stage delves into advanced grammar concepts, nuanced vocabulary, and practical applications through plug-and-play ESL lessons, preparing students for a broad range of real-world English language scenarios.

CEFR B2-C1 ESL Curriculum


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