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Welcome to Super English ESL, your one-stop solution for engaging online ESL teaching resources! Our comprehensive subscription-based platform offers a meticulously crafted curriculum, perfect for guiding students through seven levels of English language proficiency.

Experience the Super English ESL difference with our 14-day free trial, and explore the first unit and lesson of each level without a subscription. Unlock your students’ full potential and ignite their passion for learning. Dive in and discover more about our dynamic approach on our “About Us” page!

Level 1

“Foundational English”

In Level 1, beginners with no prior English experience will embark on a journey to learn basic vocabulary and grammar. Engaging and age-appropriate activities will help children establish a solid foundation in the language.

Level 2

“Building Basic Skills”

Upon completing Level 1, students in Level 2 will expand their English skills by learning beginner phonics, additional vocabulary, and basic grammar. Interactive lessons will encourage students to understand and speak English with confidence.

Level 3

“Elementary English Mastery”

In Level 3, students will develop their English proficiency by learning more vocabulary, speaking in complete sentences, and grasping elementary grammar concepts. Structured exercises and discussions will empower students to communicate effectively at a CEFR A1 level.

Level 4

“Pre-Intermediate Language Exploration”

As pre-intermediate learners, Level 4 students will engage with stories, expand their vocabulary, and delve deeper into grammar concepts. A variety of reading materials and exercises will promote the development of well-rounded language skills.

Level 5

“Intermediate Vocabulary and Grammar”

In Level 5, students will tackle more advanced vocabulary and grammar, enhancing their English language abilities. Through interactive activities and targeted lessons, students will improve their communication skills and gain confidence in various situations.

Level 6

“Upper Intermediate Language Proficiency”

Level 6 students will focus on refining their English skills to attain a CEFR B1-B2 level of proficiency. This stage will cover advanced grammar concepts, nuanced vocabulary, and practical applications, preparing students for a wide range of real-world English language contexts.


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Vocabulary – Food
Grammar – Object Pronouns
Phonics – pl, pr, sl, tr
Dialogue – lies