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Teaching English and ESL online.

Founded in January 2022, emerged from a clear need for quality, organized, and effective ESL lessons. We witnessed students grappling with existing resources and believed we could engineer a transformative solution.

Our mission is straightforward but profound: to offer teachers unparalleled lesson plans and grant students the optimal avenue to master English as a Second Language. We’re anchored in the belief that education has the power to change lives, and our dedication lies in empowering educators while igniting a passion for learning in students.

The heart of beats with the rhythm of a seasoned ESL educator who has enriched lives both in international classrooms and online realms. This first-hand experience morphs into insights, which in turn shape every lesson plan on our platform, ensuring a truly effective learning journey.

The Power of Our Blended Approach

At, we’ve identified and blended the world’s most effective ESL methodologies to offer a comprehensive learning experience:

  1. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT):
    • Why it’s Effective: Fostering real-world interactions, CLT makes English a communication tool rather than just another subject. Students practice English in situations they’d typically encounter.
    • Our Integration: We’ve developed lessons that mimic real-life scenarios, promoting genuine language interactions.
  2. Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT):
    • Why it’s Effective: Learning becomes goal-driven with TBLT. By accomplishing tasks, students don’t just learn English, they apply it meaningfully.
    • Our Integration: Tasks, from picture descriptions to dialogues, are woven into our lessons, making learning relevant and rewarding.
  3. The Direct Method:
    • Why it’s Effective: Immersion in this method helps students think in English directly, cultivating spontaneous responses and natural conversations.
    • Our Integration: We introduce new vocabulary that is immediately put to use, helping students integrate new words seamlessly into their lexicon.
  4. The Audio-Lingual Method (ALM):
    • Why it’s Effective: Through repetition and drills, ALM fortifies language patterns and habits.
    • Our Integration: Phonics and spelling modules in our lessons emphasize correct pronunciation and language rhythm, boosting spoken English confidence.

Proven Results

We’re not just proud, we’re evidence-backed. The lessons hosted on our platform aren’t just theoretical; they are tested and applied daily by our founder, bearing witness to remarkable student progress. Feedback pouring in from teachers and parents further solidifies our claim of efficiency and enjoyment.

Originally conceived as a repository for personal teaching resources, evolved into a trusted brand thanks to the resonating endorsements of fellow educators who experienced the magic of our materials.

As we gaze into the future, our vision is boundless. We aspire to stand as the premier online ESL curriculum globally, serving both young minds and adult learners, further enriched with extensive grammar sessions.

Embark on this journey with us. Experience ESL teaching and learning like never before. Dive into our curriculum and discern the SuperEnglishESL distinction.

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