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Navigating the World of Online ESL Teaching Platforms: Comparing Zoom, Voov, Koala Go, and ClassIn

The pandemic has forced educators all around the world to transition to online teaching, and with this transition comes the challenge of selecting the right online teaching platform. In this blog post, we will compare four popular online teaching platforms – Zoom, Voov, Koala Go, and ClassIn – to help you make an informed decision.


Zoom is a widely popular platform, and for good reason. It has a large user base and offers high-quality video and audio. Zoom’s key strengths include its ability to support large groups (up to 100 participants for free and up to 1000 for paid plans) and its breakout room feature, which is great for group activities. Additionally, Zoom integrates well with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) and supports screen sharing, annotation, and whiteboard features. However, the free version of Zoom has limited features, and security concerns have been raised in the past. Zoom also requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance.

Voov (Tencent Meeting)

Voov is a newer platform but has gained popularity for its high-quality video and user-friendly interface. It supports large groups of up to 300 participants, and screen sharing and whiteboard features are available in multiple languages, including English and Chinese. Additionally, Voov integrates with Tencent’s ecosystem of apps. However, Voov has limited global reach compared to Zoom, lacks breakout room functionality, and has fewer integrations with LMS platforms.

Koala Go

Koala Go is a platform designed specifically for online education and ESL teaching. It offers interactive and engaging learning tools, real-time feedback features for teachers and students, and customizable classroom layouts. Koala Go supports small group classes but has a limited user base compared to other platforms. It may not be suitable for large group classes and lacks some advanced features found in other platforms.


ClassIn is a platform tailored specifically for online education. It offers a rich set of interactive tools and classroom management features, supports group and one-on-one classes, and integrates with popular LMS platforms. However, the free version of ClassIn is limited, and it has a smaller user base compared to Zoom and Voov. ClassIn may also have a steeper learning curve due to the extensive feature set.

In conclusion, when selecting an online teaching platform, it is important to consider factors such as class size, interactivity, and compatibility with existing tools and systems. Zoom is a great option for larger classes and breakout room functionality. Voov is user-friendly and has good language support, while Koala Go offers engaging learning tools for small group classes. ClassIn is tailored for online education but has a steeper learning curve. Ultimately, it is up to the individual educator to evaluate their needs and teaching style to select the best platform for their online teaching endeavors.

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