Super English ESL

ESL Curriculum Level 3 (A1)

Our Beginner ESL Level 3 sharpens students’ reading, vocabulary, grammar, and verbal skills. This flexible ESL curriculum is designed to maximize students’ learning outcomes.

We offer 20 comprehensive units, each consisting of 4 ready-to-use ESL lesson plans and 1 assessment. That’s a total of 100 step-by-step ESL tutorials, guiding both you and your students seamlessly to Level 4!

Experience our teaching approach first-hand – Unit 1 is entirely free! Plus, the first lesson of every unit is also complimentary! That means you have 24 FREE ready-made ESL lessons at your disposal, no subscription required!

CEFR Level A1 ESL Curriculum

Unit 1
Days of the Week

Vocabulary – Days of the week
Grammar – Simple Present
Phonics – Short and Long Aa

Unit 2

Vocabulary – Clothing
Grammar – Simple Present
Phonics – Short and Long Ee

Unit 3
My Body

Vocabulary – Body Parts
Grammar – Simple Present
Phonics – Short and Long Ii

Unit 4

Vocabulary – Farm, Animals
Grammar – Simple Present
Phonics – Short and Long Oo

Unit 5
Wild Animals

Vocabulary – Wild Animals
Grammar – can/cannot
Phonics – short and long Uu

Unit 8

Vocabulary – Feelings
Grammar – is/am/are questions
Phonics – or

Unit 9
Doing Things

Vocabulary – daily routine
Grammar – This/That/These/Those
Phonics – er/ir/ur

Unit 17
My Town

Grammar – at, on, in (places)
Phonics – igh and ie
Dialogue – directions

Unit 18
My Kitchen

Grammar – Yes and No Questions
Phonics – ui and ew
Dialogue – hand me, can’t reach

Unit 19
My Garden

Grammar – Am/Is/Are Questions
Phonics – ou and ow
Dialogue – picking things

Unit 20
Coming Soon

Vocabulary – 
Grammar – 
Phonics –