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L4 - U1- Speaking - Outdoors

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Free CEFR A1 ESL Speaking Lesson: Outdoor Activities and KET Test Prep

This free, engaging ESL speaking lesson is perfect for online ESL teachers who want fun, ready-made plans for their students who are kids at the CEFR A1 level (like ESL Level 4). Part of the Super English ESL curriculum, this lesson is all about getting students talking about the great outdoors while prepping them for the KET speaking test.

Lesson Plan Details:

  • Warm-Up Activities: Kick off the class with fun questions that get students talking about their morning routines and describing pictures.
  • Discussion Prompts: Explore outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and rafting. Each section has picture descriptions and questions to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Interactive Games: Boost vocabulary with exciting games like Tic-Tac-Toe, 20 Questions, Word Morph, Boggle, and Hangman.
  • Phonics Focus: Help students nail their pronunciation with targeted articulation exercises.
  • KET Test Prep: The lesson’s speaking activities and real-life scenarios mirror the KET speaking test, helping students build the skills and confidence they need to ace it.

This lesson plan combines natural language practice with fun speaking activities, making sure students stay engaged while improving their English. Perfect for ESL teachers looking for effective and enjoyable lesson plans, this resource supports both EFL and ESOL learning goals.