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L2 - U17 - Lesson 1 - My Routine

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FREE Beginner ESL Lesson Plan – My Routine (pre-CEFR A1)

Our “My Routine” lesson plan is a ready-made ESL lesson designed specifically for Beginner ESL Level 2 students (pre-CEFR A1). This engaging and comprehensive lesson focuses on enhancing speaking, listening, and reading skills. It features fun graphics to captivate young learners and is perfect for online ESL teachers looking for plug-and-play lesson plans.

ESL Lesson Details:

  • Warm-Up: A memory game that introduces weather vocabulary, helping students practice terms like “windy,” “cloudy,” “snowy,” “stormy,” “lightning,” and “tornado.”
  • Vocabulary Practice: Students learn and practice daily routine verbs such as “wake up,” “brush teeth,” and “eat breakfast” through interactive exercises and repetition.
  • Grammar Focus: Simple present tense conjugation practice with verbs related to daily routines.
  • Phonics Practice: Consonant blends with ‘pl’ such as “plant,” “planet,” “plug,” and “plum,” including listening and matching activities.
  • Reading and Writing: Rhyming exercises and sentence completion tasks to reinforce vocabulary and phonics.
  • Interactive Activities: Tic-tac-toe and Chutes and Ladders games that promote speaking and comprehension in a fun and engaging way.

Level and Focus: This lesson is ideal for Beginner ESL Level 2 students and focuses on improving speaking, listening, and reading skills through interactive and engaging activities.

Special Features:

  • Fun and engaging graphics for kids
  • Ready-made and easy-to-use lesson plan that saves teachers time
  • Interactive activities to keep students engagedfr