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L2 - U18 - Lesson 1 - Nature

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Free ESL Lesson Plan: Nature (ESL Level 2, Pre-CEFR A1)

ESL Lesson Plan Details:

Dive into the wonders of nature with our ready-made ESL lesson plan designed for ESL Level 2 students. This engaging lesson focuses on building confidence in speaking, listening, and reading through fun and interactive activities. Students will start with a memory game to warm up, enhancing their vocabulary related to daily routines. The lesson progresses with activities that help students distinguish between hard and soft objects, learn new vocabulary, and practice phonics through consonant blends. The lesson culminates in creative exercises where students describe scenes in the sky and on the ground, making learning both educational and enjoyable.

Level and Focus:

  • Level: ESL Level 2 (pre-CEFR A1)
  • Focus: Speaking, listening, and reading


Special Features: This plug-and-play ESL lesson is perfect for online ESL teachers looking to save time on lesson prep. The comprehensive plan includes everything you need to help students gain confidence in their English skills, with a special emphasis on speaking and reading. The structured yet flexible activities make it easy to adapt to your teaching style and student needs.